Top 10 moving tips! Local Moving!

If you are planning a local move, you should know that good preparation is half of a good move. That is why we prepared an ultimate guide on how to prepare for your local move like a pro. 

1. Write everything down

Local move is not the best time to test your memory, especially since there are a bunch of details you will have to plan and organize before the actual move takes place. You will have to have a million lists, like a to-do list, list of the moving companies that you want to call, what you need to purchase before getting to your new home etc. If you rely on your memory for all of that, there is a big chance that you will forget or miss something.

2. Research and a bit more research

When it gets to scheduling local movers, it is all about the research. Don’t call just one moving company and that’s it. Unless you have someone who can recommend good movers, you will have to do your research properly. Start with good old internet search by typing ‘movers near me’ and start exploring. Don’t forget to ask your movers if they are insured, check if they have hidden or additional charges of any sort and what is included in the service they provide. 

3. Book movers in time

After you did your research and set your budget for your local move, don’t wait or hesitate to book your movers. Once you found a suitable local moving company for your upcoming relocation, call them and set the move. The longer you wait, the more you risk they won’t have availability for your preferred moving date. There is no reason why you would wait. 

4. Start packing ahead of time

Packing is not only the most time consuming task of your local move, but it can be very stressful, that is why you need to make sure to start your packing in time. You don’t want to have your local movers in your home and you are not even half packed. Don’t underestimate your home by thinking you can finish everything in just a day or two. You need to be aware that you are not a professional, so you will need more time than that. Also, you don’t want to risk the safety of your belongings, so make sure to leave enough time to pack everything properly. Packing material is very important as well, so you should make sure to buy some quality boxes for your upcoming local move. 

5. Label boxes

If you label your boxes properly, unpacking will be very simple and fast. Also, your local movers will be able to place your boxes where they should be if they are labeled. If there is something fragile, like dishes or china, make sure to write that on the box. Note as well what side goes up or down. That way you will ensure nothing will be damaged when the actual move starts.

6. Sell, donate and throw away

Whatever you don’t need or you know you won’t be using in your new home, you should get rid of. Throw a garage sale before packing, so you can plan your packing even better. If you know your friends or family will be able to use something that you have, give it to them, you will make them happy for sure. You can always donate your belongings to the Goodwill or to whomever you know it will be useful. Don’t overpack your new home with the items you don’t want at the end of the day. 

7. Don’t forget an essential bag

When it comes to packing, most of the people get carried away and pack everything without thinking that they will need some items on a moving day, as well as the first night in their new home. Instead go through dozens of boxes in order to find whatever you are looking for, pack the essential box or bag with all necessities you might need. 

8. Have someone to take care of your kids and pets

Moving sites can be very dangerous for little kids, pets and even the movers if they are running around. You will also have a bunch of things you need to finish on a moving day, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to have someone who will take care of your little ones. Make sure to ask someone ahead of time, so you don’t have to stress out about it on a moving day.

9. Make a layout of your new home before movers get there

Usually local movers charge the hourly rates for their services, so you don’t want them to waste time arranging your items around your home, because at the end of the day, you will have to pay for that. That is why you should make a layout before getting to your new home and have movers place everything where you want it to be.

10. One last walkthrough 

Before you leave your old home for good, make sure to do one last walkthrough to see if everything is loaded in the moving truck. Also, check all drawers, cabinets and whatever you are leaving behind, just in case you haven’t forgotten to pack something.