Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When to schedule movers?

Whenever you are moving, whether locally or cross county, it is always best to find a reliable moving company than to try to move your items by yourself. If you want to have a safe, secure move and to have someone who will help you with organizing it – you should schedule movers. Not only you will have someone professional, but you will have someone who is experienced.

2. Can movers take apart your bed?

Every legit local moving company will take care of disassembly and assembly of your furniture for you. It is much safer to transport the items if they are taken apart. Also, most of the local moving companies include movers with a truck, and huge items can’t fit into the truck if they are not disassembled.

3. Will movers move plastic bins?

Whether your plastic bins are empty or you used them to pack some of your personal belongings, movers will take them of course. Whenever you are not sure if movers can take something or not, feel free to ask your sales representative to confirm it for you.

4. Why tip the movers?

When it gets to local movers, if you hire a legit local moving company, they have their own employees and they have their paychecks. You are not obligated to tip the movers, but if you are satisfied with the moving service, we would always advise you to tip them. Just imagine, they were taking care of all of your heavy lifting, it is not easy at all. How much to tip the movers is completely up to you.

5. Where to find movers?

There are many ways to find movers, but we will mention just how to find good movers. Firstly, if you know someone who moved recently, feel free to ask them for a referral. That way you will have first hand experience. If not, you should use the internet. Just type ‘movers near me’ and start your research. Check the reviews, check websites and choose a few moving companies you would like to call to get a quote. Nowadays, everything can be easily found online.

6. How many movers do I need?

Number of movers depends on the size of your move, whether it is a residential move, office move, labor job or storage move. Most of the clients think they will save the money if they hire less movers, but in that case your move will last forever. The best decision you can make is to listen to the advice of your sales representative. They have experience with scheduling a lot of moves and they know what they are doing.

7. What movers will not move?

Whenever you are hiring a local moving company and you have something extraordinary, like a gun safe, huge fountain or statue, you should consult your sales representative if they can move it safely. Every local moving company has its rights and regulations when it gets to the weight of the items they move, that is why you should always ask.

8. 8. Movers who will pack for you?

Every moving company has professional packers and movers, so they can help you out with your packing as well. Usually, you just need to let them know that packing is needed and they will take care of everything for you.

9. Are movers responsible for damages?

If you hire a licenced and insured moving company (which is the only local moving company you should hire) and something gets damaged, you can start your claim process with them and they will do something for you for sure.

10. When do movers start charging?

Some local movers might start to charge once they leave their warehouse, the others are charging once they start the actual move. Regardless of how they charge, you need to be informed before booking your move on their policy when it gets to payments, charges or additional charges. You don’t want unpleasant surprises on your moving day.