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Whether you’re pulling a local residential, commercial or storage move, relocating takes a lot of time, effort, and help, no matter the distance. With San Diego Movers, you can speed up the process using our local moving help. Since the moment we have opened our doors to the public, we have strived to become one the best local moving companies San Diego has to offer, and starting with the creation of exceptional local moving services – we’ve managed to achieve just that.

With our local moving services, you can adjust and customize the level of service you receive from our movers – creating your own, personalized San Diego moving experience.

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Involve us in just a part of your move – or the entire process

There are three different levels of local moving services for you to choose from. You can choose which one you need the most, and our company will help you with the rest. In any case, you’ll have more time to spend with your friends and family than doing the entire move on your own. Choose between our:

Standard Service

Everything is packed up and ready to go for our movers, they will take all of the furniture and boxes and ensure that everything is set up in your new home. We do not unpack during a standard service.

Partial service

Our movers can take care of the items you specifically need. It can be done all in one room or multiple items in different rooms. For instance, we can pack the entire kitchen for you in different boxes, or every piece of bulky furniture in all your rooms.

Full pack service

This means our crew will pack everything in your home carefully, and later, when we arrive at your new home, we can do the unpacking, too.

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Our local moving services will easily fit into your budget

The full price depends on multiple factors. Mostly, it depends on the time that we need to do the job. All our services are based on an hourly rate, so the more time it takes for us to complete a service, the more it will cost. However, our rates are all-inclusive and constructed for every budget.

New beginnings can be scary, relocation included. That’s one of the fundamental reasons to hire pros. You’ll feel lost and confused in this process, and we’ll be there for you. Take your time to carefully decide which service is the one for you, and don’t hesitate to contact us and book our team for your move.

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We are extremely dedicated to remaining competitive and providing local moving services at an affordable rate - so make sure to check out more about our all-inclusive rates. You can get a free quote on our website or call our moving coordinators any day of the week.