An ultimate moving guide

You have found a new place and you cannot wait to move there and start your new life chapter. But then you realize that you will have to deal with moving first. And we all know that moving is such a stressful project. But does it has to be like that? Of course not! We have prepared a moving guide that you can use now and forever. You can even print out this list if it will be more helpful in the future. But, for now, bookmark it and start ticking things off the list.

8 weeks before

It might seem too early to start preparing for a local move, but we will have to prove you wrong. This is an ideal start, so make sure to follow this timeline. 8 weeks will fly by before you even notice.

Make a moving timeline

First things first! Before calling professional movers to help you, you will have to create a timeline with all crucial dates, to see when are you available for the move and when do you need to move out or move in from your homes. A good plan leads to an even better relocation, so invest some time into this.

Make a list of questions to ask local movers

list for moving guide

Before you start calling local movers, you will have to make a list of questions if you want to find out more than what they are saying over the phone. If you prepare the list of questions for your professional movers, you will learn everything about their prices and services in the most efficient time.

Call professional movers to gather quotes

And to learn more about local movers, you will have to call at least a couple of moving companies to learn more about them. There are numerous movers San Diego has to offer, so you will have to choose around five companies to call. Oh, and before calling, you should do research and find out what their previous clients have to say.

call professional movers

Visit your new neighborhood

Friendly neighborhood

Before getting to your new community with your local movers, make sure to go there so you can feel the area’s various neighborhoods and amenities. Especially if you haven’t chosen your new neighborhood yet, then you will have to check a few of them.

Set the moving budget

When it comes to moving, we are stressing out the most about the moving budget. Considering that local movers are charging hourly rates, it is not that simple to predict the money you will have to spend on them. Luckily for you, there are many affordable movers out there, so there is no doubt that you will find a team that is suitable for your budget.

Prepare your kids for a move

Moving is stressful for you, but it might be even more stressful for your kids. Unless you prepare them for the whole process, they might freak out about all the changes in their life.

Give notice to your landlord

Saving money is important when moving because you will have so many expenses, so you should inform your landlord about the move early, so you can ensure you are getting your deposit back.

7 weeks before

The first week went by, and we can bet that you didn’t even felt that time is flying. It’s time for week two. Now things are getting faster.

Hire local movers

local movers

You had some time to think about all the quotes that you have gathered from local movers and you have probably decided until now what professional movers you would like to hire. Now it is the moment to call back your local movers to book their services so you don’t lose your availability. Don’t hesitate to ask anything else that you would like to know at this point.

Ask your family and friends for help

Carrying cardboard box

At this point, you probably know that you will need some help with packing. Unless you want to hire local movers for this too, you will have to ask someone else for help. Call your friends and family to announce that you are moving and that you will need their help so they can clear their schedule for that day.

If you need to rent a storage unit – this is the moment

Sometimes moving is not as simple as moving from one place to another, and you might need to use the storage unit in the meantime. This is the moment to call storage companies to learn more about their offers and you should schedule them. Make sure to learn more about the policies that they have, so you can coordinate the time and conditions with your local movers.

6 weeks before

Wow, we are already in week 6! Things are getting real now.

Get moving supplies

Unless you want to spend a fortune on packing supplies, you can start finding some free moving boxes in the liquor stores in your neighborhood. If you are working in the office, that is a goldmine for packing supplies, so see if you can take some boxes with you. 

Make a timeline for a packing process

Now we are getting to the least favorite task of a local move – packing. Since this is the most complex and the most time-consuming task, you will have to come up with a separate timeline for this one. If you are packing on your own, you should plan to pack at least for an hour a day so you are ready to go when your local movers arrive.

5 weeks before

This is the week reserved for packing. Buckle up!

Start using up refrigerated food and pantry items

Since local movers cannot help you with moving food, you should start using groceries that you already have at home. Why would you throw away everything when you can get creative and come up with some fun dishes where you will utilize everything that you already have at home? 


Before you start packing, you will have to get rid of everything that you are not using or that you don’t want to see in your new home. There are a few ways to get rid of unwanted items. You can sell your items either online or organize a garage sale. This way, you will save some money that can cover at least a small portion of the expenses that you will have for local movers. If you are not up to that, you can donate your belongings to one of the charities that will be more than grateful. And if your items are not in a good shape for either, you can ask your local movers to take them to the dumping site. Just make sure you are present there too. 

Start packing

Time to officially start with packing! You should start with the least used rooms and move towards those you are frequently using. This won’t disrupt your daily life because you will still be able to use the items that you need.

4 weeks before

Only one month left until your local movers arrive!

Inform everyone about moving 

Let everyone know that you are moving! If you are moving business, don’t forget to update your website and social media accounts. 

Dispose of hazardous items 

Local movers are not allowed to move anything hazardous or dangerous, so you should decide what to do with them before your professional movers arrive. 

3 weeks before 

This is the time for more decisions… But you are already used to that, right? 

Schedule the company to transfer utilities

If you want to settle down in your new home as soon as your local movers bring in your furniture, you will have to transfer your utilities, so make sure to call all the companies that you need to so everything is ready. 

Hire a babysitter

To make your moving smooth and stress-free, you should hire a babysitter so you don’t have to worry about your kids and their safety during the move. If you have pets, have someone to take care of them during the move, because this process will be too stressful for them. 

What about plants? 

Local movers can move live plants, but only under some specific circumstances. However, local movers cannot guarantee that your plants will be safe during the transport, so maybe it will be best if you can do it on your own.

2 weeks before

Things are getting serious now. It’s time for final preparation!

Make a layout of your new home

To save some time for your local movers, you should make a layout of your new home so you can let them know where to put what as soon as you get to your new home. 

Order new furniture

If you need some new furniture, order it now, so you can have it delivered by the time your local movers arrive. 

Find a parking spot for your local movers

Professional movers will need you to provide them with a parking spot. To avoid getting a parking ticket, you should find a solution for this at this point. Especially if you need to apply for a parking permit. 

Schedule painters for your new home

The last preparations for your new home – painting, and repairs. Make sure this is all done before your local movers bring in furniture. 

Update bank account and credit card billing address 

It’s time to update your bank account and credit card billing addresses. Fortunately, this can be done in less than a minute online or by phone.

Request time off from work

It is always best if you can be there when your local movers are performing the move. Not just because you will have to pay them, but so you can sign the agreement and coordinate the whole process.

1 week before

We are getting there!

Time to clean up your homes 

Hire a cleaning company or do cleaning on your own. And this goes for both homes. 

Inspect your current home with the landlord

Before you leave your home for good, you should inspect your old home with your landlord so you can show them there is nothing wrong and that you can get your deposit back. 

A day before 

Don’t panic, stay calm, and prepare the last things for tomorrow. 

Pack an essential bag

You will need some items during the move and once your local movers leave, so you can settle down in your new home. That is why you should pack an essential bag that should contain everything that you will need, such as scissors, tape, bedding, some basic dishes, etc. 

Inform your neighbors about the move

Let your neighbors know that you are moving so they are aware there will be a group of local movers, that they won’t be able to use the elevator, or that the neighborhood might get crowded. 

Moving day

The big day is finally here! A few things left that are your responsibility are left on your to-do list. 

Make sure there is enough water

Since your local movers will be doing hard physical work, so make sure they have enough water for them and you too. 

Do a final walkthrough

Before your professional movers leave for good, make sure to inspect the moving truck so you can see if everything was unloaded by your team. It’s better to spot this now than to chase your items around. 

Hand over the keys

Time to say goodbye to your old home and hand over the keys to your landlord or the new owners. Your new life chapter starts here! 

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